The two of us have been selected to represent NZ and Victoria University at the G20 Youth Summit in Germany, in May 2014. We’ll be using this blog to follow our progress; expect rambles on topics as various as the German language, the Syrian refugee crisis, and the role NZ should play in the world.

We will primarily be taking part in the Conference side of the Forum (students and academics from around the world presenting papers on topics on the G20 Forum agenda). Since we’ll be part of round tables focussed on world politics, international relations and global migration, those topics will be our main focus in the weeks to come.

As for our brief bios:

Matt Hayes studies History at Victoria University of Wellington. In the future, he hopes to work with Médecins Sans Frontiéres, though his current lack of (orthodox) medical training may hinder these efforts. He enjoys skiing, reading Russian novels, and writing elitist things about himself in the third-person. Matt’s main topics of interest at the conference will be human rights, immigration policy and refugees, education, and healthcare.

Dylan Chambers is an Honours student in International Relations at Victoria University of Wellington and a current Parliamentary intern. He is rumoured to speak approximately five languages, including German. At the conference he will present an academic paper that analyses the causes of Europe’s sovereign debt crisis and the ramifications of the bailout deals reached between Greece and the European community. His key areas of interest are economic policy, diplomacy and conflict resolution.

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