What is the G20 Youth Forum?


The G20 Youth Forum annually brings together 1200 young leaders (young parliamentarians, businesspeople, students and academics) to engage in dialogue and debate on a number of pressing international issues. The Forum is divided into three concurrent events: a Summit, a Conference, and a Young Parliamentarians’ Debate.

The Forum aims to reflect, and ultimately contribute to, the annual G20 Leaders Summit, which brings together prime ministers and heads of states to foster international cooperation in achieving goals in economic growth, trade, financial regulation, good governance and development. The 20 members of the organisation are: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and the European Union. Although not one of the G20 member states, New Zealand has this year been invited to take part in the Summit, which will take place in Australia.

How will we be taking part?

Matt Hayes and I will spend most of our time at the Forum taking part in the Conference. We will take part in a round table discussion entitled “World Politics and International Relations”, where we will be responsible for reading and critiquing academic papers, helping to form the agenda for discussion, and contributing to debate on a number of global issues. I will also be presenting a research paper I wrote about the causes and consequences of the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, with a focus on Greece.

Another exciting opportunity we will have is to take part in a joint session with the Summit participants and the Young Parliamentarians. The topic of this session will be “Global Migration Issues: cultural dimension, working places and globalisation”, and Matt and I are currently working with the other members of this discussion group to form the agenda for discussion. The topics we have so far proposed to discuss are “Brain Drain in the Developing World”, and “Integration and Treatment of Refugees in Host Countries”. We also expect, among other topics, to discuss the Syrian crisis and the challenges associated with providing for the thousands of refugees displaced by the conflict.

More about the Forum

The primary goal of the Youth Summit is to publish a communiqué with policy recommendations that will be presented to the G20 heads of state. The work towards this will be done within five committees, which will work in parallel:

  1. Entrepreneurial Climate for Youth
  2. Family and Career Opportunities for Young People
  3. Accessibility of Education and Human Rights
  4. Food Security and Resources of the Future
  5. Tax System and Living Conditions for Youth

Running alongside the Summit, the Conference will bring students and academics from the 200 best universities worldwide to present papers and debate themes of relevance to the G20 Summit agenda. The conference will comprise eight round tables working in parallel on the following topics:

  1. Economics and Finance
  2. Law and Human Rights
  3. World Politics and International relations
  4. Social Affairs and Medicine
  5. Ecology, Environment and Energy
  6. Design, Technology and Innovations
  7. Education and Youth
  8. Humanities: history, philosophy, linguistics, arts and journalism

The third event of the Forum will bring together Young Parliamentarians from all the G20 countries in order to encourage cooperation with the view to exchanging ideas and experience with regard to legislation creation. The result of this event will be a joint statement of cooperation amongst Young G20 Parliamentarians.

Dylan Chambers


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